EveryDollar Android App

When is the EveryDollar Android App coming?

I’ve received several inquiries if an EveryDollar Android App is available.

UPDATE – July 19, 2016

EveryDollar for Android is now available.

Good news!

Coming in 2016 will be the release of EveryDollar for Android!

The team over at EveryDollar made the announcement recently. An Android app has been delayed while all of the kinks and app improvements have been made to the iPhone version.

I think it was a good choice to wait and release a great version of EveryDollar rather than something that would not meet user’s expectations. It’s great the developers at EveryDollar have been listening to our feedback on the product.

New EveryDollar App features

Some of the other features that will be coming soon include:

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    • Improvements to update your budget from your iPhone
    • Reporting options to compare your current budget to your previous budgets (I’ve been waiting for this one).
    • Reminders to set up your next month’s budget and update your transactions
    • Improvements to Funds to make it easier to use
    • And the EveryDollar Android App
    Number of EveryDollar users

    When will the EveryDollar Android App be available?

    No exact date in 2016 has been announced when the Android App will be available. As soon as it is, I will let you know.

    Until then, the EveryDollar team thanks you for your patience.

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