Earn Money From Home Without Having To Spend More Or Do Sales

Easily earn money from home with Share+Earn

Earn Money From Home By Doing Something You Already Do Every Day (Without Having To Spend Money or Do Sales)

As a consumer advocate and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, I spend a lot of time researching work-from-home scams, rip-offs, scaminars, get-rich-quick schemes, investing scams, products, and services. I keep my show listeners in-the-know about protecting their money (millions of downloads to-date).

This is a unique solution for something I get asked about a lot when it comes to making money. As host of the Financial Rock Star show I get questions like:

  • What are some legit online jobs to help pay for school, a house, a car, retirement?
  • I’m pregnant, can’t work, and need to take care of my kids
  • I’m 60-years-old and on disability, I can’t leave the house and am on a fixed income. What are some new ways to earn money?
  • I’m a stay-at-home-mom, and can’t work a regular job, and need a way to make money
  • I want to find an income working from home so my wife and I can live more comfortably

 I get emails like that every. Single. Day. I have for years. And it’s always bothered me that I wasn’t able to help people. Sure, I could give them some guidance. Programs to call. Have hope things will get better. Things could be worse, right?

Like most people, they needed more than a plan, they needed more money. To get to the next paycheck, avoid getting evicted, pay the bills.

As you can imagine, there are lots of scams out there. I’ve been a victim of them too. I know what it’s like to get ripped off.

Right away, when I was thinking about creating my own product, I was inspired by companies like Tom’s shoes. Where for every $3 they make, they give away $1. Cool, right?

Here’s what I’m doing:

For every $2 we make, we give you $1.

Month after month, like a snowball so you can earn big bucks.

To help others, I created something that doesn’t require money, helps you, helps others, and makes a positive impact on lives. How is that possible?

How It Works

Share+Earn Pays You 50% Monthly Recurring Commissions For Telling People About BEST Money Academy – the Netflix of Personal Finance.

Yes, Share+Earn was created so that people that wanted to earn money from home like you, who aren’t salespeople, who have no money to get started, can easily help other people with their finances while growing your own.

Let me show you how it works:

  • Share with your friends, family, groups, organizations
  • Tell them about something in BEST Money Academy they need most to help solve their problem
  • You get paid after their free-trial when they become a paid subscriber

If you aren’t familiar with BEST Money Academy yet, please find out more about it here. You may want a free trial yourself.

My Story – Why Am I Doing This?

About a year after I graduated college, I had student loans, credit card debt, and a brand new car loan. My girlfriend at the time invited me to this sales presentation held at a hotel ballroom. Maybe you’ve been to one too?

You’ve definitely seen something like it hyped online.

  • Beach vacations
  • Fancy sports cars
  • Mediterranean style mansions
  • Beautiful people in nice clothes talking about how much money they make each month

It was a multi-level-marketing (MLM) presentation.

STOP! Share+Earn is NOT multi-level marketing. Please keep reading my story and you’ll see why.

If you’re not familiar with MLMs, some great examples are Mary Kay, Herbalife, Lulumon, It Works, Primerica. I could go on forever.

Basically you make money when you get other people to join as a ‘representative’, ‘business owner’, ‘independent consultant’.  It’s not about the product being sold, it’s about recruiting other people to buy into the company.

That was me – I got sucked into signing up and paying $495 so I could sell phone service and recruit other people to sell phone service.

I was going to be rich!

I kid you not, I could not sleep that night one bit after the hyped up sales presentation at the hotel! I was tossing and turning and DREAMING about all the money I was going to make. After seeing the presentation, the music, the flashing lights. All the stories from these rich people.

I was going to get to leave my entry level job and make $5,000 to $10,000 a month!

Wait…I’m not going to be rich.

One problem – I suck at sales. I’m an introvert. At the time I wasn’t’ even good at holding a conversation.

For my $495 ‘investment’, I made $1.06 (I remember because I found it insulting when I got IRS Form 1099 to pay taxes on the $1.06 I had made).

Research shows 80% of people that join MLMs make $0.

So you can see, I’m not a fan of MLMs one bit. Because in my heart and mind, I know four out of five people are just throwing their money away.

They were like I was – seeing dollar signs only.

It’s like seeing the fitness models on commercials with the 6-pack abs ‘in just 7 minutes a day’. Nope, someone is going to have to diet and exercise for a long time to get 6-pack abs. I have 6-pack abs – it took me about 8 hours a week of working out and a pretty strict diet.

So there is something else I wasn’t going to do – require any type of recruitment and getting people to ‘build their downline’, like people find in MLMs.

BEST Money Academy Is Born

I started taking all the money lessons I had learned over the years. The money moron mistakes, lots of those. The stuff as an employee, as a business owner. What I’m teaching my twin six year old’s. The stuff that helped me become a self-made millionaire by age 35.

All those money topics, they would become BEST Money Academy – the Netflix of personal finance.

From day one, I set out to create a subscription service that provides the most comprehensive information about money.

And, that wasn’t BORING! Because boring stinks. And if it’s boring, nobody will watch it. And when we filmed it, if I was boring myself I wasn’t having any fun.

Plus, I was going to offer 10x the inspiration, information, and education as anything else out there – all at a fraction of the cost.

I feel so passionately about helping people with their money, I wanted to make this a no-brainer for anyone to sign up. There is even a no-risk free trial.

The reality is – I didn’t really create the courses. You did. My listeners did. The thousands of questions I’ve answered, the stories. The thousands of high school and college kids that submitted essays to my personal finance scholarship.

I knew exactly what people were asking for, because they’ve been asking me for years. Now it’s in a comprehensive package with step-by-step guides to follow along.

A New Way To Earn Money Online

I set out to create something that anyone could do easily. And I believe it’s going to help people. More importantly I believe it will help you, because it’s why you’re here right?

I built from the ground up a way to make money online that:

  • Promotes a product that actually helps people with their money and life
  • Requires no investment or money to start
  • Can be done from home or anywhere
  • Doesn’t require any sales experience
  • Has no costly training program or upsells
  • Doesn’t involve recruiting your friends or family to join (like multi-level-marketing does)
  • It doesn’t even require a computer! You can use your phone.

I realized, this is it! This is how I can help all those people. I can take BEST Money Academy, and let people share it and earn money by. And help other people find it and subscribe to it. They can win with money. You can make money. You can make money from home. It’s easy. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s legit. It’s everything people have been asking me for.

That, was an exciting moment. The people who may not have heard about BEST Money Academy, are finding out about it from their friends and family. They get this incredible resource to help them get out of debt, save more, earn more, and invest for the future.

And the people like you, who are sharing about it, get to change their lives too. To have a recurring stream of money coming in month after month, simply be letting other people know about BEST Money Academy.

I don’t know about you, if you’re like me, you’re not a salesperson. I make videos and answer questions about money. Put me on a car lot trying to sell a Honda and I’d go hide in the bathroom.

  • Sales experience – None required.
  • Copywriting – Nope.
  • Creating graphics/website/ads – Nope.
  • Asking your friends + family to join new business opportunity – Nope.
  • Hosting parties and selling stuff out of your home or a restaurant – Nope.
  • Watching courses or buying ‘secret insider’ programs – Nope.

Yes, This Is For You

Think about what you’ve found when searching for legit ways to make money from home. Easy right – scams.

I feel people’s frustration, worry, and stress. It’s actually been a little depressing at times. I’m in the business of giving advice. Cheerleading, hope, and encouragement doesn’t really pay the bills, right?

And telling someone to ‘work more’, ‘work harder’, or deliver pizzas, sometimes isn’t the answer. Especially for many people who can’t or are unable to do that.

Share+Earn was built for you if:

  • All you have is a phone. Great, you can send a text. Send an email. Post to an online group.
  • You don’t have time. Is less than 60 seconds fast enough?
  • You’re sick of the ‘pay me $495’ for my online Easily Make Money While You Sleep course and I’ll give you the secrets’ nonsense and scams

Can you make $10,000 a month online from home?

The mommy-bloggers, food-bloggers, YouTubers making 5-6 figures a MONTH – they make that incredible kind of money after years and countless hours of trial and error. I should know, I’ve been in online business for 20 years.

And they make that money by selling their own products and referring people to other products (which is called affiliate marketing) and making a commission on each sale.

Most people fail at making ANY money that way because:

  • It’s hard work
  • It takes a lot of time (years)
  • It takes about 10 different skill sets
  • It requires investing money to buy courses and training
  • It’s necessary to have a large audience to sell stuff to, because most people won’t buy.

I’ve helped thousands of people over the years figure out ways to earn more at their jobs and side hustles. Stuff they were already doing day-to-day.

With Share+Earn I wanted something that didn’t require an upfront investment, and wouldn’t take months or years to see your first nickel (after paying back for all those $297 courses people are trying to sell you).

You’re Helping People Solve Their Money Problems

You probably realize this already – BEST Money Academy helps people. It helps them get out of debt, save more, earn more, and invest in their future. Their kids future. Their parents future.

You are helping achieve

  • financial freedom
  • ultimate happiness
  • and a life full of awesome experiences

You are telling them about this amazing streaming service that is going to change their life forever. It’s the stuff they don’t teach in schools, that we wish we all knew and had followed.

It’s shocking that ½ the population couldn’t put together $400 to cover an emergency. How awesome will you be when you share this message and help others improve their financial lives.

Yes, You Will Make Money Too

I’m not ashamed to say I’d rather have money than not. You’re not either, right? We split the price of every subscription with you 50/50, month after month.

You Share + Earn, and we continue to invest in awesome courses and support our subscribers. Fair, right? We did that to give subscribers a reason to keep subscribing – new, awesome courses every month.

AND – so your earnings would snowball month after month. The more you share, the more your earnings will compound month after month. It’s a beautiful thing! Here’s what that could look like:


Earn A Little Extra CashEarn A Lotta Extra CashLeave The Rat RaceFor Influencers


Referrals a month
2-3 a week, when you find time in your schedule


Referrals a month
Just one-a-day. Great for part-time at home


Referrals a month
Just 3-a-day to crush it so you can leave your day job


Referrals a month
Help your audience AND get paid big-time
MonthMonthly IncomeMonthly IncomeMonthly IncomeMonthly Income

Join the BEST Money Academy Share+Earn program and start making money

Not Sure How You Can Do It To Make Money?

The good news is – you’re already a master at this. You don’t even have to learn to do anything new.

You did it last week. The week before that. Maybe yesterday or even today already.

You might do it every day.

It’s sharing. Not selling.

That’s it. You do that already, every day or week, right? You’re good at it, and probably never think about it when you do, do it:

  • A TEXT: Hey my friend – Taco Bell has got a special taco deal Friday, let’s go
  • AN EMAIL FORWARD: Hi, Just letting you know Target is having a clearance sale on holiday stuff.
  • A SOCIAL MESSAGE: I read online tickets are going on sale Friday morning for that event you were excited about going to

Sound familiar? That’s sharing, not selling.

With Share+Earn, it’s more of what you already do. Sharing about BEST Money Academy:

  • Hey Boss, maybe this is something we could offer to everyone at the company, check it out.
  • Dude, I know you’re looking for a car. Here’s something that has a car buying course to save you money.
  • Mom, you and dad talked about this a while back. This new service walks you through it step-by-step. See you in two weeks for dinner!
  • Hey, I just saw this money video training for kids, thought you might be interested for your son/daughter. Watch out – the host is a little weird.

Could you take something you already do now and are good at, and just make money at it?

Yes. I know you’re ready to get going. Here are some tips for success: Read them, then click the application button at the bottom.


How To Get Started

How Share+Earn Works To Make You Money In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Sign up
  2. You get your own link for sharing
  3. Share it

Share + Earn Best Practices

5 Ways To Be An Awesome + ETHICAL With Share+Earn. Here's our five golden rules of great and ethical Share+Earn tips given to you in layman's terms so it's easy to understand! Please read it in its entirety before getting started.

We Are Here For Your Success

Do your part – keep sharing, and we’ll do ours. We are looking at our metrics every day to help you, get people to subscribe, and helping you make money from home.

I can guarantee, just like with any job, if you don’t show up for work and do the work, there will be no paycheck come Friday.

Can you see how easy this is?

We took something that everyone needs – help with money, and made it so simple to for people to finally, make money from home as easy as possible.

  • It costs nothing for you to do.
  • There is no cost, no sign up fees.
  • You don’t even have to be a subscriber of BEST Money Academy.

 I know you will want to, someday. We all need this stuff. That’s why I created it.

Join now, it will take you less than 60 seconds to start sharing.

You’re only one share away…

Join the BEST Money Academy Share+Earn program and start making money

Disclaimer: We don’t believe in “get rich” programs – only in hard work, adding value, building a real and professional career, and helping others achieve financial independence, ultimate happiness, and a life full of awesome experiences. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? Information on this site is for illustrative purposes only. We believe in our product and program and built it with you and our customers from day one. The Share+Earn program requires no money, no financial investment, no sales experience, no recruiting, and you don’t even need to be a subscriber to BEST Money Academy to earn money. Everything is outlined in our Affiliate Agreement.



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