Financial Independence College Planning Roadmap

Thinking about planning for college or life after high school? You’re in the right spot if you’re a student or the parent of a student.

This FREE masterclass on college planning will give you the guidance you need to make a smart choice on going to college or staying at home and continuing to have your parents do your laundry.

Here’s some of the stuff you really need to know about when it comes to college planning:

  • Dreaming about the perfect school
  • Thinking about what degree to get
  • Wondering how to pay for school
  • Discovering the hidden costs of student loans and education

Shocking Statistics About College Planning

The #1 reason for dropping out?


With the average student taking on $35,000 of student loans, it’s time for kids and parents to make the best choice when it comes to life after high school.

This course is a refreshing and entertaining discussion of going to college. You’ll learn about college planning so you can make a wise choice when it comes to the next chapter of life. You’ll also learn how to cut the costs of education.

What You’ll Learn
  • Pay for your dream school without student loans
  • Know if a degree is worth the time and money
  • Talk to parents/kids about school and who’s paying for what
  • Cut school expenses while in school
  • How to choose between schools and financial packages
  • Grow college savings by investing
  • Avoid student loan jail
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1. Welcome (Hello Again)

2. Is College Worth the Cost? (Worth It)

3. Picking a School – Step-by-Step (All About That Bass)

4. Paying for School (24K Magic)

5. How Do Student Loans Work (Attention! Attention!)

6. Student Loan Jail (Sorry)

7. Choosing Between Schools You’ve Been Accepted To (Are You Gonna Be My School)

8. Saving Up for School (Whatever It Takes)

9. Cutting Costs While in School (Thrift Shop)

10. Becoming Rich (Come As You Are)

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Financial Independence College Planning Roadmap

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