Is This The End of Investing Returns?

How much do you think investors are focused on returns? Take a look at this picture: We have two investors here: Really Rich Ryan and Wicked Wealthy William. Both say they have gotten 20% returns on an investment. And they are having a showdown to decide who is the better investor. The rules? Ryan and […]

Thematic Funds – Investing In What’s Popular Isn’t Always Profitable

Thematic Funds

I get asked a lot about “what do you think of this company/investment/trend?” Many investors don’t know they are asking about thematic funds. Before you learn about thematic funds, we need a bit of a history lesson from another, much more relatable industry – the diet industry! Do you remember the Grapefruit 45 diet? Me […]

How To Spot An Investment Scam

How To Spot An Investment Scam

You’ve seen the ads – it’s the best way to grow rich! Which often means it’s the best way for people to lose what they’ve worked so hard for.