When To Rent vs. Buy a Home

When To Rent vs. Buy a Home

Renting can be a great for your sanity, situation, and security. Have you thought about what could go wrong if you follow bad advice and get a house too soon or for too much.

How to Pick a Good Real Estate Agent

Follow these five tips on how to pick a good real estate agent and you’ll save time, money, and have less stress when you try to buy or sell a home.

Do You Need A Bigger Home?

Downsize your home to have more money

My friend Jeff is in his 70’s and now lives the RV lifestyle. He and his wife sold his home, all his possessions, and now drive around in their 400 square foot house on wheels. He said something to me a long time ago which still sticks: You spend the first third of your life […]

12 Ways Renters Can Save Money

12 ways to save money on renting

If you are about to rent an apartment for the first time or you’re moving into one during a life transition, don’t miss these ways you can save money.