411 How We’re Making An Extra $400 A Month

– Scott shares how they have recently come out ahead and helped out someone in the process.- K has a money saving tip when eating out at fast food places.- Meannia (Jackson, MS) asks how to get back up after you’ve been down.- Mo leaves the greatest voicemail yet in the history of the show, praising the greatness of the host.- Tara is interested in leaving her corporate job but doesn’t know how to make the numbers work.- Ways to help your kids from blowing any money you leave behind to them if you’ve achieved financial independence.

410 Deconstructing a Pigeon for $500

– Dave asks if he is crazy to be invested 100% in an S&P 500 index fund if the money is all for my grandkids and he’ll never touch it. – Hammer Time offers a warning on ROBS and rolling your retirement into cupcake funds. – Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) has an update on the housing situation he is considering. – Grocery store items are not created equal. Scott has a food saving tip that will save you some money. – Summer gas prices are on the rise. Find out how you can save at the pump.

409 George Loses $100,000 From Advice On The Radio

Retired airline pilot George L. Sims lost $100,000 following the advice of someone on the radio. Could you be next? Pauline (Boston, MA) is 55 and blind. She has credit card debt and owes the IRS money and asks for help on her situation. Old Macdonald (Anonymous) is interested in hearing the pros/cons of a mortgage recast. Scott speaks at SMU on passive aggressive investing and shares how to keep more of your money. Last minute Mother’s Day gifts. What should you have in case of an emergency? Probably not this $995 fashion survival kit.

408 Alain Apologizes to His Customers For Selling Them Bad Investments

Cecilia (Lawrence, MA) has $66,000 in credit card and student loan debt and need help figuring out how to pay it off. Scott’s review of the Ghost Pillow. Katie discovers a place you can have birthday parties for free – activity included! Alain used to sell high cost mutual funds but after a year he was sick to his stomach. Find out what he did about it. Denise is 58 years old and has unpaid bills, while trying to get ready for retirement.

407 Cereal Milk

Discover one person’s journey from a small town to big city fame and fortune, due to her love of cookies.
Brian is 36 and asks if his choice of investments is nuts for his age.
Luis is about to get evicted because his income has dried up, and he doesn’t know how he will support his daughter.
Rebecca (Canton, NY) has spent down her emergency fund and asks how to build it back up.
Scott talks about the Ghost Pillow and why a good night’s sleep is so important, but not if you overspend for it.
Andy quit smoking after 30 years, has lost 30 pounds, and wants to help others do the same.

406 Earning $1 Million a Year, And Still in Debt!

– Some people think they are living the dream but the reality is they will wake up to a nightmare later on – old and broke! Scott shares the story of one couple that spends $42,000 a MONTH and has nothing to show for it. – Denise is 58 and has a lot of debts. She asks how to get back on her feet financially. – Liam meets a 20-something-year-old who expects to make a big income just because they graduated from college. Scott rants on the privileged mindset of people who haven’t paid their dues. – If you’re a small business owner – or looking to be one – hear some tips on how to make money faster. – Gen admits to being materialistic and has a lot of debt at age 19, and asks for advice. – Grace asks how best to save for private school. – How one church paid off $10.5 million of medical debt to help people out. – A red alert warning about fake best-of lists. – Are you where you are because of picking the wrong option?

405 What To Do If You Have a Really, Really Large Amount of Debt

Scott shares why boundaries are important to achieving your money and life goals. Karin asks if employer sponsored life insurance is necessary if you don’t have kids. Oscar asks when the show will include a live call in. If you’re looking for a better paying job, some cities will pay you to move. Jen (Houston, TX) is about to miss a mortgage payment and asks if its ok to miss it to wait for her new job to start. Gen admits to being materialistic and has a lot of debt at age 19, and asks for advice. Looking for some quick cash and an easy business where you set your own hours? We’ve got a new one to share. Randy is 18 and has a couple thousand to invest, but isn’t sure where to invest it. Mike is 42 and has $489k in total debt, with very little saved for retirement. He asks if it’s better to wait and pay of the debt first or invest and pay off the debt at the same time. If you’re in the market for a new car, check out these options.

404 What Kind of Insurance Should You Have?

– Wells Fargo – how are they still in business? – How good is your 401(k) knowledge? – Grace asks what types of insurance she should have. – Brian is 37, divorced and paying child support for his four kids while just scraping by. He asks for some advice on his situation. – Karin has $300,000 in student loans, $15k in credit card debt, and is trying to save up for a house. – A new way to test out that car you’re thinking of buying, without the hassle of dealing with the car dealer.

403 Ryan Is 23, Should He Consider Buying A House?

Scott rants on the marketing tactics of Wall Street trying to get more of your money. Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) is 23 years old and figuring out how to best save for a house down payment while paying high rent. Shalonda (Illinois) is relocating to Tennessee soon and trying to find a new job while she’s unemployed. Laura has her rental home broken into and the Simpli Safe security system stolen. Amanda works full time and has two young boys. She and her husband ask for suggestions on how to make extra money while working full time. Lisa is struggling with credit cards bills and asks how to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. A red alert warning about business scams. If you’re not saving enough to help your family, you might be interested in having granny live in the backyard.

402 Honey for Nothing, Twix for Free

The cookie tax is a fantastic way to teach kids about money.
Nuno wonders how the message of the program would relate to people in other countries who have different economic systems and situations.
Aimee (Asheville, NC) asks how do you start to get out of debt, when you’re already living paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes over your means.
Melinda (Costa Rica) has a family and her husband recently lost her job. They are trying to figure out how to make up for the lost income.
Bill (Lincoln, NE) is trying to decide between a regular 401(k) and the Roth 401(k).