Where To Buy Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses (That Look Stylish)

Glasses can be quite expensive. Eyeglasses can be especially expensive when you buy the designer frames. Where can you go and get cheap prescription eyeglasses?

You can get doctor quality prescription glasses online for a fraction of the price of what you typically pay. You can even find them for as low as $6.95.

Compare that to $100 to $200 for what you would buy at an eye doctor.

You can take your eye prescription and send it off to one of these online stores, and they will send you your glasses in the mail.

Online Stores For Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses

Here are some places to buy online:

Zenni Optical

What About The Quality?

If you’re worried about the quality then at least consider buying a cheap pair as a backup. Most people have two sets of glasses in case one gets lost, broke, or if you take them off and can’t see to find them again.

You can have your expensive pair as your everyday glasses and use the less expensive ones as the emergency backup. It beats paying $200 for two sets of glasses if you hardly ever wear one.

Retailers That Sell Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses

According to Consumer Reports, Costco tops the list of stores for getting your eyeglasses at the best price.

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What If You Want Stylish Prescription Eyeglasses?

That’s where Warby Parker comes in. Warby Parker set out to offer designer eyewear at a discount price – from $95 and up.  From the website:

How it works

Pick 5 frames

Warby Parker will mail them to you for free. Try them out for 5 days and see which ones you like.

Buy at any time

Make it your own by purchasing online and they will send you a fresh new pair.

Return your frames

Once your 5 days are up, place your box in the mail with the prepaid return label. Done!

If you’re looking to be stylish at a discount, check them out.

Save $1,000 This Week

How I Saved Over $1,000 On Everyday Expenses

Take this FREE 7-day challenge to learn how you can do the same

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