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BEST Money Academy is the only program you need to help you get financial security, ultimate happiness, and a life full of awesome experiences.
"I will teach you to live like a Financial Rock Star." - Scott Alan Turner, CFP©

BEST Money Academy is the "Netflix of Personal Finance!"

It’s a one-stop shop that helps you cut through the confusion and gives you practical step-by-step plans for getting out of debt, saving more, earning more, and investing for the future. BEST Money Academy puts all of the training and resources you need in one organized place. Now you don’t have to waste your time, money, and energy searching for trusted advice or wondering how to start or what to do next.

No matter your age, your stage, or your wage, we’ve got you covered.

"I knew Scott when he sold his car and drove a scooter to save money. A decade later, he’s set for life. This guy knows what he’s talking about – so listen!"
Dr. Barry Kaplan
Chief Investment Officer, Modera Wealth Management

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How to Save Money on Everything!

You need to keep more of your hard-earned money. These are the exact strategies and scripts I’ve used to save tens-of-thousands of dollars on everything from Internet service to clothes to expensive medical procedures like IVF and dentist visits.

$297 Value

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F4 - Foundations of Faster Financial Freedom

Building wealth is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior. How do the Top 1% get there? Learn it now — you can binge watch in two hours and adopt the mindset you need to win starting today! 

$397 Value

FREE with your membership

Customer Service Guaranteed

Do you hate waiting on hold when calling companies? Standing in line for returns or complaints? Sending emails that don’t get the results you want? Learn to get the rebate, refund, or replacement without dealing with customer no-service ever again.

$97 Value

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Again and again, the information in BEST Money Academy has proven to be transformational for students who want to build wealth, stop living paycheck to paycheck, or simply do better financially..

But we get it if you’re skeptical. Maybe you’ve been disappointed by the quality of online training in the past and aren’t sure if this will make any difference either.

That’s why we’re not asking you to take a leap of faith.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Cancel anytime. No hassle.

That means you’ll have instant access to every part of the program. You can try out the core curriculum called The Millionaire Roadmap, explore the jam-packed Training Library where you’ll find our kids + teens courses, or just research any topic of interest.

What’s Included? Over $2,000 of courses on life changing money topics that help you build wealth and live a happier, more secure, and rich life now.

Enroll today and you get 20 full courses unlocked now, including:

Millionaire Secrets

College Planning

Buying Your Dream Car

Debt Free!


KIDZ Money

Smart Shopping

Avoiding Scams + Ripoffs

Then every month, you'll get new courses on topics like:

401(k) Mastery

Relationships + Money

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Goal Setting

Personal Development

Jobs + Careers

Why BEST Money Academy?


Created To Make Learning About Money Fun

Not the usual boring, dry, financial jargon that puts people to sleep and nobody pays attention to.


Success Stories From Other Financial Rock Stars

Hear from people of all ages, and just like you who have overcome obstacles to win with money. The deep-in-debt to multi-millionaires.


Easily Remember What’s Most Important

Each course comes with an interactive Moneybook (downloadable PDF) that highlights the most important stuff. Includes valuable checklists and additional resources.


Just Click Play And Let Us Guide You

Watch a quick lesson or binge watch. Relax and let us do the teaching for you and your family.

What our users say

The first course is already worth the cost! Thank you SO MUCH!
Austin, TX
I'm blown away how much content is in BEST Money Academy. I've already started saving money.
Ontario, Canada
Why don't they teach this in schools? I needed this 20 years ago. It's so good I'm making my daughter watch too.
Washington, USA

World-Class Coach

From a money moron at age 22 living paycheck-to-paycheck and in debt, to a self-made millionaire at 35 and now best-selling author, Scott Alan Turner, CFP® has spent over 20 years devoted to personal finance and learning about money.

Now, Scott brings his energetic passion into his Financial Coaching classes to equip you with the tools to make lasting change where you want it most.

Live Like A Financial Rock Star

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  • Monthly implementation guides to keep you on-track and growing!
  • BONUS: How To Get Financial Freedom Faster - $397 Value
  • BONUS: How Save Money on Everything - $297 Value
  • BONUS: Never Deal With Customer Service Again - $97 Value
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Frequently Asked Questions

I Don’t Have Any Money; Does It Make Sense for Me to Join Your Coaching Program?

Absolutely, there’s no better way to get started earning money than to have training from day 1. By getting the coaching now, you avoid all the typical mistakes that people make when learning how to manage their first paycheck or next paycheck.

I’m In Debt / I’m Doing OK / I’m A Millionaire; Will Your Coaching Program Work For Me Too?

Absolutely! We have members from every age, every stage, and every wage. From the deep in debt to the already part of the double comma club. 100% of the financial coaching is applicable to situations you are in or will someday face (or know someone who will so YOU can help THEM). The teaching concepts apply to all walks of life.

How Much Money Do Your Members Make?

I have been coaching people for over 5 years. We have new members who are just getting started. We have other members who have been here for several years.

Naturally, the incomes of members vary greatly. We have many members earning 6-figures per year. We have members who have net worths of several million dollars.

I Live In A Small Town; Can This Coaching Program Work For Me?

Absolutely. We have successful members from both big cities and small towns who have built savings and security for their future.

If they can do it… you can too.

I Already Have Some Financial Expertise; Does It Make Sense For Me To Join Your Coaching Program?

Yes. If you’re already good with money, I will coach you how to be the BEST with your money and grow it further, faster. We have a member that started in bankruptcy and saved $100,000 in just five years as a direct result of my coaching.

We have other members that followed other financial experts and realized they were not being told the whole story and were missing out on key strategies to grow their wealth. We are very eager to help you do the same!

I’m 18 Years Old; Am I Too Young To LEarn ABOUT Money With the BEST Money Academy Lessons?

No. The earlier you get the coaching, training and knowledge, the better. A few of our members are in this age range too. :)

I’m 57 Years Old; Am I Too Old To Get Started Saving For Retirement?

No. We have very successful members in their 60’s :) The bottom line is you could live for another 50 years. So, what will you do with your time?

Will I Learn What And How To Teach My Kids?

Yes. In addition to all the adult money topics you get, I coach you on how to teach every type of age kid you have. You will know exactly what and how to teach each of your kids in order to help him/her be responsible with money quickly and reach his/her goals.

I Have A Good Paying Job Already; But I’m Unhappy There And Am Considering Changing Careers. Is It Too Late For Me To Start?

It’s never too late. We have very successful members here who left their corporate jobs. They listened to the advice in this program, implemented what they learned and built a lifestyle around their new career. More importantly, they are much happier doing what they truly love now.

We have other members who had also made the career change and never looked back.

How & Where Do I Get The Coaching?

You get it all in a variety of ways, including:

  • Video recordings in your member account
  • Workbooks for each course
  • Live video training sessions with me EVERY week on the Financial Rock Star show.

I have been where you are and already travelled down the road you are travelling. I want to help you and you get answers to all your questions that keep you up at night.


Absolutely!  We have a 30-day guarantee you will love BEST Money Academy. If you don’t, we’ll cancel your account immediately.

I’m Skeptical, Does This REALLY Work?

It’s ok to be skeptical. Actually, a reasonable amount of skepticism is a good thing. There’s a lot of nonsense out there… but so many other people can’t be wrong… check out the hundreds of independent 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts and Amazon, or read through some of our success stories.

Can I Expect To Save More / Earn More In The First Month?

This depends on you. If you listen to what I’m teaching you and implement what I’m teaching you, then you are very, very likely to get BIG financial results in a short period of time. I cannot guarantee you any specific result because I cannot control what you will (or will not) do.

You will get out of this coaching program what you put into it. Sound fair?

Do You Suggest Getting Started With Your Program Prior To Arriving At Any Specific Financial Situation?

In any other industry, people typically go to a university or receive other forms of education and training before they ever work in that field. So of course, it makes sense to get the education, training and coaching right now whether you’ve already in a situation or not. A great example is Estate Planning. A real example we encounter all too often – it’s too late to honor someone’s final wishes if nobody knew what they were.

Does This Work If I Have A Wife, A Dog And 2 Small Kids? I’m Not Sure If Everyone Will Be On Board.

Yes. I’ll show you how to get a partner on board with the plan. I’m married, with twin kids. We rarely have money arguments, because we know (and teach) what it’s like to have common goals.


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We have real, live humans to get you any help you need accessed by contacting [email protected] If you have specific questions about money and your personal situation, Scott answer’s them on his weekly talk show.

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