Bad Bee Honey Company

When you’ve started/owned eight companies, every idea you come up with seems to be a good idea for a company.

  • Plant an herb gardenI could sell these basil plants to the neighbors
  • Aerate the lawnI could aerate everyone’s lawn and charge them $30 each
  • Filling my car tires with airI can create a franchise (it’s called Air Heads by the way), and sign-up corporate clients where we stop by office buildings once-a-month and check everyone’s tires.

You can steal that last idea, I don’t have time to do it. Just send me a little gift each year as a thank you (cash preferred). Your welcome.

Honey honey honey

As a first-year beekeeper, my two hives produced 9 pounds (12x12oz containers) of honey. I’ve got enough for the family and some to share as well.

But let’s think big because that’s what crazy people serial entrepreneurs do.

The hard cider business

A couple years ago I read about two guys who were scouring the hills of Vermont for different varieties of apple trees. I wish I had a link to the story to share, but I didn’t keep track of it.

Their goal was to find the perfect apple to make hard cider with. It was a boutique operation but they had big plans. Just like craft microbrews have become hugely popular in the past five years, they saw an opportunity for making unique hard cider flavors with the best apples they could source from wherever they could find them in the New England countryside.

No apples in Texas

I thought how cool it would be to brew your own hard cider. After five minutes of research, I found apples don’t grow in Texas. That ended that business idea.

Honey does grow in Texas

In one of my previous posts, I explain how I got into bees.

During my beekeeping class, I was introduced to honey meadan alcoholic beverage made with honey.

Given the price of honey ($$$$), honey mead is not something you go out and buy the ingredients for and make.

But if you make your own honey, it’s much more economical. Or it could be – I’ve never made honey mead.

Bad Bee Honey Company is born

I may not ever get my own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor like Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, or Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Dough.

But there may come a day when Bad Bee Honey Mead is found in grocery stores.

Yes – Bad Bee Honey Company does exist. I own the domain and it’s trademarked already. Just-in-cases.

Sharing is caring

I don’t know when or how often I’ll be giving it away (quantities are limited). But like the financial knowledge I get to share with you, the opportunity to share something I made harvested (ok, the bees made it, I stole it from them) seems pretty cool to me.

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