Scams, Ripoffs, and Frauds to Avoid in 2017

Scams, Ripoffs, and Frauds to Avoid in 2017

Every year, new scams and rip-offs will be born, and some older scams will take on different forms, ripping people off of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Smart people, good people, some who may be your family and friends, will fall victim to these scams, rip-offs, and frauds. When you’re ripped off, you’re embarrassed. You […]

11 Best Ways to Save Money at Amazon

11 Best Ways To Save Money At Amazon

Amazon packages arrive at our house nearly ever day. It’s so convenient to buy from Amazon and most of the time you get a good deal. But we’ve scoured the web for the best and easiest ways to save money at Amazon. With your extra cash, you can do something like build up an emergency fund! […]

How To Be Successful Working From Home

How To Successfully Work From Home

If you work from home it’s easy to goof off, get distracted, and find your to-do list became a to-didn’t.  With great freedom comes great responsibility. I’ve worked from home since 2003. There are a lot of perks working from home I can start a load of laundry at 10 am during second breakfast I […]

5 Things You Should NOT Buy Online

Just about anything you need to live, you can buy online. Food and water, clothes, homes, furniture, cars. Even a wife! That doesn’t mean you want to buy everything online. Some items, like gourmet cookies, are always going to cost more online. Shopping online today is as easy as pulling out your smartphone, jumping over […]