51 Small Things You Can Do TODAY to Save Money

Little things add up over time to save money. I remind myself:

Here is a simple list of things you can do today to save money:

  1. Buy items at the grocery store that are on sale
  2. Throw your leftover food into soup or stew instead of throwing it away
  3. Stay home
  4. If it’s hot out take off your shoes and turn your thermostat higher
  5. If it’s cold out put on a sweater and turn down your heat
  6. Eat leftovers
  7. Cook something inexpensive (crockpot meals)
  8. Shop around for lower priced car insurance
  9. Pay cash for your next dentist visit. You can get up to 10% off
  10. Rent a DVD from the library for free
  11. Make your coffee at home
  12. Make a giant pot of something you love, so you can have leftovers all week
  13. Bring your lunch to work
  14. Bring a snack to work
  15. Check out a library book for free
  16. Sell something on eBay
  17. Turn the lights off
  18. Turn your computer off before you go to bed
  19. Hang up your laundry to dry
  20. Wait to go to the store until you have multiple errands to run
  21. Air dry your dishes
  22. Sell some books at Half Price Books
  23. Walk or ride a bike to work
  24. Check your cable bill to see if there are junk charges you shouldn’t be paying
  25. Ask your Internet provider for a lower rate
  26. Skip happy hour
  27. Plan your next vacation to get the best deals
  28. Pay with cash instead of a credit card
  29. Search for any lost gift cards
  30. Return something you bought but don’t need
  31. Work out at home
  32. Paint your fingernails yourself (ladies)
  33. Cut your hair
  34. Get cheaper Internet service
  35. Carpool to work
  36. Review your spending plan to see if you are overspending
  37. Cancel something you no longer use or care about (online service, magazine subscription, Pandora, etc.)
  38. Inflate your car tires to the proper pressure
  39. Take a colder shower in a shorter amount of time
  40. Become a Mystery Shopper
  41. Groom your pet yourself
  42. Turn off stuff you don’t use much (printers, extra TVs, monitors)
  43. Mow your lawn
  44. Look for a Groupon for something you were planning to do already
  45. Make a grocery list (cuts down on spontaneous purchases)
  46. Bake a dessert (you probably have the ingredients for peanut butter cookies)
  47. Go to a free museum for a night out
  48. Stay home!
  49. Pay your car insurance in one lump sum instead of monthly (saves $10/month)
  50. Plant some seeds to grow your vegetables
  51. Drink water instead of something else

Question: Do you have a simple money saving tip? A recipe that saves you bundles on eating out or buying pre-packaged food? Please share it in the comments below.

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