4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Blog Better in 2022

If you are thinking about legitimate ways to make money from home, starting a blog is a great idea. Everyone who has ever been online has probably read at least one blog post in their life. After all, blogs can be entertaining, educational, and full of useful information.

If you know what you’re doing, your blog can be very profitable. And if you work on it with dedication, you might even sell your content website one day for a good price. 

However, before you can reach that stage, you need to make sure your blog is the best it can be. Here is how to achieve that.

Don’t plagiarize

The first rule of blogging is to write unique content that isn’t plagiarized in any way. Even if you’re feeling uninspired or think someone else’s writing is better than yours, you should never copy their work.

There are numerous reasons why plagiarizing is bad, including:

  • It will give you a bad reputation. Nobody wants to visit a blog and see content they’ve already seen. Plagiarism is easily detectable. If you don’t give your audience original and fresh content, they won’t see you as a reputable source and certainly won’t come back.
  • It’s bad for your SEO. As much as 71% of bloggers say SEO is the most important source of traffic. So if you want to get a high-ranking position, you should avoid getting penalized by Google. Posting plagiarized content is a punishable offense by Google, so make sure to avoid it.
  • You won’t perfect your skills. Writing is hard work at the beginning, but if you want to be a blogger, you need to perfect your writing skills. But if you copy someone else’s work, you will never be able to learn and grow as a writer yourself.

However, it’s important to note that plagiarism isn’t always done on purpose. There is a seemingly endless amount of content online and you might write something that someone else has already written. 

That is why you should always use an online plagiarism tool. With this tool, you can make sure you haven’t copied anyone’s content, whether on purpose or by accident.

Don’t write long paragraphs

How many times have you seen a blog post that is nothing more than a block of text and gone on to read it? The answer is probably never and there is a good reason for that.

Blocks of text are simply hard to read, regardless of how interesting the content itself is. Most people won’t even scroll down when they see this type of blog post. Instead, they will simply leave the blog and never come back.

If you want to find success, make sure your posts are easy to read. This means they need to be broken down into short and coherent paragraphs, and you should include bullet lists if possible. Also, don’t forget to add headings, subheadings, and highlights to important parts of the text.

Your goal should be to write copy that is easy to consume and scan. Still, this doesn’t mean that your posts should be too short. The average blog post is 2,330 words long, so don’t be afraid to write long blog posts. Just make sure it’s not a wall of text that doesn’t let the reader take breaks.

Get personal with your writing

Something a lot of beginner bloggers have issues with is finding their perfect style of writing. The biggest issue they face is that they have only learned how to write term papers in school, but this is not the writing style blog readers want. It’s too stiff and impersonal.

This is why you need to find your unique style that is easy to read and shows your true personality. If possible, try to write the same way you talk. Feel free to be casual with your writing, insert a pun or joke occasionally, and let your creativity shine.

As for what you should write, try to find a topic that is close to you and one you know a lot about. This way, you will be able to provide your readers with an educational and fun blog post every time.

Don’t forget to add images

Words may be the most important part of any blog post, but if you don’t have any type of visuals, your words won’t be as entertaining or eye-catching. Humans are visual beings and we all want to be entertained, and the best way to keep your readers engaged is to add images.

A blog post that has images is easier to read because the visuals will break up your text, and it’s also more likely someone will share this type of blog post on their social media.

If you’re a good photographer, you can add your own images. If not, you can always go to a website that provides free images such as Pexels or Pixbay. These images aren’t copyrighted, so you won’t get in trouble for using them.

Final thoughts

The internet is full of blogs, but not all blogs are of high quality. If you want your blog to stand out from the crowd and draw attention, you need to make it better than all those amateur blogs. And you can do that if you apply the tips you read about here.

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