10 Ways To Get Free Baby Diapers

Baby diapers are very expensive these days, and anyone with children knows that if you don’t look for deals, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars per month for diapers. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some ways to get free baby diapers?

We have scoured the web and contacted a few couponing professionals in search of the best advice and methods. As a result of this research, we have for you the top 10 ways to get free baby diapers.

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1. Refer friends and get free baby diapers

There is a website called diapers.com, and the owners want people to sign up for it so badly, that they are willing to give away free baby diapers for each person that you can get to sign up.

Just go to diapers.com and sign up, then call all your friends and get them to sign up using your link. If you get a lot of people to sign up, you can really rack up on free diapers!

2. Double coupons and sales

Savvy diaper shoppers already know that using coupons is a must when shopping for deals. But using coupons can actually net you free baby diapers!

The first thing you need to do is look for sales. Many stores price match products from other stores, so be sure to use that to your advantage. Once you find a good sale, it’s time to find some coupons.

Search online, check your local newspaper or sign up with diaper companies to receive manufacturer coupons. And finally, it’s time to find a double coupon event – often you can find these at Kmart or other retail outlets.

Combine the sale (price match if you must) with double coupons, and you’ll be on your way to another batch of free diapers! If you can get multiple coupons, have some of your friends go with you to purchase even more.

3. Non-profit and low-income organizations

There are many non-profit organizations that help people get free baby diapers. Typically those organizations include:

  • churches
  • local or state low-income organizations
  • diaper banks

Diaper banks receive donations and pass them on to people with children. Writing letters or calling churches in your area can net you a lot of free diapers and other baby supplies.

If you have little or no income, there are many local and state programs that are designed to help low-income families get the help they need.

Check out this huge list of non-profit organizations, diaper banks, and other helpful organizations that can help you get free diapers.

4. Free samples

Getting free samples is one of the easiest ways to get free baby diapers. Diaper manufacturers obviously want consumers to use their brand, so they will send out free samples for people to try.

They usually limit samples on a per-household basis, but if you have some friends that will sign up and give you their free samples, you may end up with many free baby diapers.

You can order free samples from the diaper manufacturers’ websites, or just use the list on this handy page.

5. Social Media

Social media sites aren’t just for chatting with friends; they are great sources of freebies, including free diapers. You can sign up for free samples and find coupons that are not available anywhere else.

But the best thing about social media sites are the groups. There are couponing and deal groups that share deals and glitches with all members of the group.

Glitches are errors that occur in retail outlets, and often those glitches lower the price of goods to practically nothing. If there are any coupons available, you can use those in conjunction with the glitches as well.

If the glitched items sell out in your area, you need to price match. Just start entering zip codes until you find a retail outlet that has the item in stock at that price. Then you go to your store and price match it to claim your freebies.

There have been many notable glitches by large retail outlets including Walmart and Amazon but smaller glitches occur nearly every day. They are typically closed once they are discovered, but if you are fast enough, you can grab your free diapers before the glitch is shut down.

Coupon Divas is one of the most popular Facebook couponing pages, and while most of the posts are about coupons and deals, occasionally there are freebies.

The best Facebook sources for free diapers and other free products are typically closed groups, so you may have to search them out; but once you find them, the rewards are limitless.

6. Diaper banks

Diaper banks take donations from other people, as well as companies and diaper manufacturers. The diaper banks then distribute the diapers to people who request them. The available inventory depends on donations, so the amount and type of diapers you receive varies.

You can find more information and locations at the National Diaper Bank Network.

7. Kmart Shop Your Way reward points

Kmart is obviously not the only retail outlet that offers free rewards to shoppers, but the Shop Your Way program is one of the best. Kmart frequently sends out free points (1,000 points equal one dollar) to Shop Your Way members.

Members also get weekly coupons to use, and sometimes they are free. For instance, some members have received coupons for $20 off any $20 purchase, while others received $5 off any $5 purchase.

You can use these points and deals to score free baby diapers or other products. Sign up at the Shop Your Way Rewards site.

8. Medical institutions

Medical institutions such as the doctor’s offices and hospitals frequently get free samples of diapers from manufacturers to distribute to patients. Since those samples are usually samples of new products, there is no guarantee of what types or sizes are available, but if you call local doctors and hospitals in your area, you can find out what’s currently available.

9. Switch to cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are not as popular as they once were due to the messiness of cleaning them, but if you really want free baby diapers, this is a great solution because you can reuse them over and over again.

Cloth diapers can be acquired from many churches and non-profit organizations. While this is a messy route to take, if you need baby diapers badly, this will net you free diapers.

It’s also great for temporary situations when you may need diapers but don’t get paid for another week or two. Just switch to cloth diapers until your money comes in.

You really start saving if you plan on having multiple kids because the diapers can be reused from child to child.

10. Free trials

Many diaper companies offer free trials for consumers to test out. Check out some of the diaper manufacturers’ websites to see if they are currently offering free trials.

The Honest Company offers a free trial of 7 diapers through their website. Get some of your friends to sign up and help you out, and you can reap the rewards of free baby diapers!

Bonus Tip!

Start potty training early! We started potty training our son when he was 18-months old. It took about five weeks to get him to a 90% success rate. He still requires a diaper at night and during naps, but we saved 7–8 diapers each day – that adds up quickly!

At two year’s old he still has the occasional accident, but we’ll take that over using diapers until he’s three or four. That’s a lot of money!

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