Scott Alan Turner CFP®

Data Scientist · Software Engineer · Entrepreneur · Author

Scott has been involved in e-commerce, analytics, and online marketing since the dot-com era. His start-up experience includes building custom software solutions for UPS, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft, and winning multiple project team awards. He later moved on to creating his own businesses in the wireless networking and commercial construction industries. After selling one of his companies, he became a Certified Financial Planner and developed tools and services for investing.

Today, Scott is finishing a Master’s Degree in Data Science and looks forward to helping companies use AI and data analytics to grow their business. In his spare time, he does contract work to solve interesting problems, and shreds on guitar.

  • Passion for teaching and making complex topics 5th-grade simple (see book reviews)
  • Extensive experience in understanding business needs and growing revenue with data analysis
  • Thrives in chaos, start-up mode, and wearing many hats



Best-Selling Author

Scott’s books include 99 Minute Millionaire, and his children’s book Money A to Z.